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About Our Awesome Photo Booth

Is Dream Art Photo Booth is a typical Photo Booth?

Dream Art Photo Booth were one of the original companies to “think outside the booth”. We provide an open system that escapes the confines of a traditional photo booth and creates an interactive photo booth experience which is able to accommodate 2-20 people. Unlike many other “open air” systems, our focus on professional studio lighting, photo quality, and customer service separates us from our competition.

What is an open-air Photo Booth?

Our booth doesn't have a curtain, instead everyone at the party can see the action. Sometimes DJs get mad at us for stealing away everyone's attention. The open-air concept gives us a lot of flexibility in where we can set-up and it gives you the opportunity to squeeze more people into the frame. Our largest group photos were 18 people!

Where does Dream Art Photo Booth provide service?

Dream Art Photo Booth is currently offering service in Madison, WI. We are available for travel within 50 miles radius at no charge.

How long can Dream Art Photo Booth stay at our event?

In most cases, our packages begin with an operation time of 2 hours, and we can accommodate up to 7  hours.

What type of events do you serve?

You name it. We cater to weddings, proms, fund-raisers, bar/bat mitzvahs, corporate events, customer appreciation days, grand openings, birthday parties, awards banquets, anniversaries and more! Contact us to tell us what you have planned and find out about our packages. We can tailor something for any type of event.

What do you need to set-up?

We need access to a traditional power outlet and wifi password of your venue for instant online gallery. We bring everything we need, but if your venue has extra, we'd love to use your table (of any size) w/ matching linens. We need 11 feet wide of wall space for the backdrop by 11 feet for the photo booth and prop area and also 9 feet of height. The booth at its' smallest size, was set-up in a 4 feet by 5 feet closet. Since the booth is open-air, we can customize it to best fit the room. The larger the booth, the more people that can squeeze into the photo.

How long does it take to set up and break down?

It takes between 45 and 90 minutes hour to set up and about 30-45 minutes to break down.

Are delivery included in the price?

Yes there are no additional expenses for rentals within our standard 50 mile radius. We do service an extended area for a nominal travel charge. There are NO hidden costs that will be presented to you on the day of your event – or any time for that matter!

Does the setup and breakdown of the photo booth count towards my package hours?

Absolutely not. We do not charge anything for setup and removal of the photo booth. If you book a 4 hour package and want the photo booth open from 5pm to 9pm we will have the photo booth ready to go by 5pm and we will keep it running until 9pm.

Do you work at outdoor events?

Of course it depend on weather. We use very expensive equipment, and we don’t want it to get wet. If the weather is good (no rain and snow) and there is access to a traditional power outlet - we will work on your event.


How much do you charge for idle hours?

This happens quite frequently. We charge from $29/Hour to $49/Hour depend on package you have choose. Some customers choose to have the booth run for a one hour cocktail hour. Have it idle for an hour during dinner and then have it run for a couple more hours during the reception as well.


Can we keep the photo booth open beyond our agreed upon amount of time?

If you would like us to keep the photo booth running beyond the time you contracted us for, you may do so for $99/Hour. We will prorate to the nearest half hour if you don't require a full additional hour.


Do you provide backdrops?

Yes, we have a different of backdrops. Check out our backdrop choices. The more we know about your event, the better, so contact us, tell us about your theme and we’ll be sure to recommend some options. We can also create custom backdrops and help design sets. Also we provide Custom and Printed Backdrops.

Black & White Damask Backdrop for Photo Booth in Madison, WI
Black Backdrop for Photo Booth in Madison, WI
White Backdrop for Photo Booth in Madison, WI

Black & White Damask Backdrop

Black Backdrop

White Backdrop


What is Custom Backdrop?

Our creative team will design custom made backdrop for your event.

What is Printed Backdrop?

Its a backdrop with printed logos or names on it for your event.


Do you provide props?

Yes, absolutely. We offer a variety of props including fun hats, glasses, canes, instruments, cameras and vintage props. Let us know what you are looking for, and in most cases we’ll try to put together a custom prop package at no charge.


Are the photos unlimited?

Of course! Unlimited prints are included in all packages except "Digital Only" package that doesn’t include prints at all.


Do you print two photo strips or just one?

It’s up to you! All our packages (except "Digital Only" package) has 2"x6" Prints, if you would like to get 4”x6” we will charge you some additional cost. Some of the futures like scrapbook won't be available with 4”x6” prints. But with 2”x6” strips your guest can leave with one and you can keep one in a scrapbook. Our top-of-the-line printers automatically and precisely separate the strips for you. Almost all other companies use less expensive printers that make you or an attendant manually cut them apart with a razor blade or scissors.

4"x6" Photo Strip for Photo Booth in Madison, WI
2"x6" Photo Strip for Photo Booth in Madison, WI

4"x6" with 3 photos and Graphic Layout

Double 2"x6"

with 3 photos and

Graphic Layout

2"x6" Photo Strip for Photo Booth in Madison, WI

How long do I have to wait for the print to come out?

We use all digital technology that is safe for the environment and speeds up the process immensely. Our prints are usually out to you within about 10 seconds.

How many sessions can your photo booth accommodate per hour?

Our photo booth can handle up to 200 sessions per hour due to our lightning fast photo lab quality printer and easy to use interface.

Can each photo strip to be branded with my company logo or event details?

Absolutely, except Promotional Packages! We can print just about anything you want at the bottom of every photo strip. You are welcome to provide us with a custom logo, a personalized message, or we can print the event name and date as well.

What is Starter Layout?

This type of layout is Dream Art Inc layout with QR code and additional information of our Photo Booth. See examples.

What is Graphic Layout?

This type of layout is your personal text in the bottom of each print and also you choose one of our graphic designs. You can check them here.


What is Custom Layout?

This type of layout is your individual graphic at the background and bottom of each print. You can offer your own design or our team can design individual layout to fit your event needs.


What is Difference between Double 2”x6” and Single 4”x6”?

Doubles 2”x6” - you will get 2 same photo-strips 2 inch wide and 6 inch long with 3 photo-poses in each.

Single 4”x6” - you will get 1 print with  3 to 4 photo-poses.

What does it mean Additional Printing per Session?

Every Photo Booth session include double 2”x6” Prints or Single 4”x6” Print. If you would like to multiply 2”x6” or 4”x6” Prints we will charge you $99/Hour for additional copy, to cover our paper cost.


Is it possible to project photos in real time?

It’s a new feature. We bring our Projector with the screen (if in the venue there is a white wall, we can use it too) and we project right away all photos that were made in your event minutes ago in our Photo Booth!


What is the custom photo scrapbook/guestbook and how does it work?

We provide a high quality scrapbook. Our Photo Booth host will provide the album, extra pages, pens, glue and other fun accessories to make the scrapbook. If you would like to DIY it and bring your own album, that’s fine too!. Assistant will help your guests, as needed, with posting one or more photos onto the guestbook pages. Your guests can then inscribe a personal message to you alongside their photo(s). It's great casual fun and will be both hysterical and heartwarming to look back on years from now. Many people prefer this over the traditional guestbook. Oh, we will also provide a place to set your drink down away from the guestbook. This option available only with Double 2”x6” Photo Strips or with “Additional Printing”. We have 2 types of scrapbooks: Standard Scrapbook for 2"x6" and Wooden Custom Scrapbook for 2"x6".


What is wooden scrapbook?

We provide a high quality scrapbook made of wood that we personalize for your awesome event and for your 2"x6" prints.


How long does it take for the photos to be posted to your website?

If we will have access to WiFi at your venue, each photo will be posted in 5-10 minutes after making it. Or if there won’t be WiFi on your event we will upload all photos manually up to 48 hours.

Can I order prints online after the event?

Yes. Prints and photo products can be ordered directly through the website. Unlike our Photo Booth counterparts, our photos are printed on real photo paper developed in photo-chemistry. These prints are archival and will last over 100 years. Since we use a high quality camera, prints can even be enlarged. And through my website you can even design a photo book, or get your favorite pic put on a magnet, key-chain, t-shirt, and more!

How can guests view and share the photos?

Photos are placed in an online gallery on our website for public viewing and ordering after the event, we are able to password protect and hide gallery upon request. You can find your gallery here.

What happens to the files?

We now offer high resolution and printed strips downloads for all of our clients in Our Online Gallery. Enjoy the watermark-free images for 1  year, and make your own prints and albums.

Online Gallery - It's a gallery where you can browse, download and order prints with delivery to your home after event. This gallery stays minimum for a year in our web site.


Can the gallery be password protected?

Yes, of course! Let us know ahead of time and the password can be printed on all the prints.


Why do I need password protection for My Online Gallery?

If you have a private party, and don’t want anybody else to see your photos, we will give a password to your gallery, and only people with the password will be able to see photos from your event.

What is Sharing Station (Available only with WiFi at the venue)

Allow your guests to share their photo booth photos instantly using our photo booth social media sharing station. Your guests friends, family and co-workers will immediately see how much fun they’re having at your event. Our social media sharing gallery is a portable and wireless (except while charging) touchscreen kiosk, that allows guests to customize and share images in real time.

As photos are shared, liked and commented on your event branding is front and center, and will continue to create impressions whenever someone looks at your guest’s social profiles. For the sharing station we will need WiFi at your event. Without WiFi we won't be able to offer you this amazing thing!


How far out can we reserve the Photo Booth? / How late is too late to reserve the Photo Booth?

We take Photo Booth reservations as far out as a year. Planning a last minute event? Email us - we've booked Photo Booth the week of the event and as late as the day before the event. It will all depend on our availability. We often have at least one free booth most days (except Friday-Saturdays in wedding season).

What do I need to book you and when is the final payment due?

We simply need to get the booking agreement signed and reserve the date of your choice. A non-refundable reservation fee of $99 is due at time of booking to secure your date, then the rest of the balance can be paid prior to the event or at the event.  We accept cash, checks, and major credit cards. We can also invoice via PayPal, Google, and even Facebook Messenger.  We make it easy! Also we understand that for some nonprofit groups, we will need to wait for a check to be cut after service is rendered.

Do I have to pay tax on my photo booth rental?

In the state of Wisconsin all photographic services are taxable at the 5.5% rate. But we are awesome, and we include tax in our price! And you won't be worrying about additional cost.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept personal checks, company checks, PayPal, cash (of course!) and all major credit cards (with fee that not included in the price) also we go with innovations and use Facebook Messenger money transfer and Google Money Transfer with no additional charge.

Do you offer weekday discounts?

As with most events, weekends (FRI – SUN) are the prime time slots, so we often have down time during the week, and because of that we have Monday through Thursday 5% discount on all packages!

What if I need to change my date?

Any change is subject to availability. If your new date is available, and made 30 days or more from your original event date, there will be no charge for the change. Cancellations made 30 days or earlier of the event date will be charged a $50 change fee. Change requests must be made via email to assure availability.

What if the event must be cancelled due to weather?

Rescheduling fees will be waived for any rescheduled events due to weather. What constitutes a weather delay or cancellation is at the sole discretion of Dream Art Photo Booth. If a new event date is not available, the client will be issued a full refund for services not rendered, barring that Dream Art Photo Booth has verified the weather delay and notified the event sponsor at least 6 hours prior to the booth service start time. If the venue or event sponsor(client) cancels the entire event due to weather, a full refund will be issued barring that Dream Art Photo Booth has verified the cancellation of the event at least 4 hours prior to the event start time.

Do you require a damage deposit?

No, but if our booth is damaged by your guests due to inappropriate behavior you may be charged accordingly (see contract). We make every effort to address things if folks get out of control however.

Are you insured?

Absolutely! We protect the guest and our equipment with a $1,000,000 liability policy so you have nothing to worry about. We are not in this as a hobby; we are full service professionals that do not cut any corners in bringing you the best in event entertainment!  You and your guests are protected.

What happens if there is a mechanical problem with the booth?

Our booths are contractually guaranteed to run 80% of the time. They occasionally need paper and supplies replenished, otherwise they work non stop. We have never had to cancel an event for technical issues.

We already have a photographer, why do we need a photo booth?

We get this question a lot! You absolutely need a photographer to take pictures of the event itself (mostly weddings), however the photo booth provides less formal way for your guests to take photos of themselves without the pressure of a photographer. The photo booth allows your guests to let loose, be silly, and just have fun! The photos you keep from it are an incredible reminder of your fun event.

Do include a booth attendant?

Yes, our company prides itself on encouraging your guests to join in on the photo booth fun. A Professionally dressed, friendly attendant(s) will be present during the entire photo booth experience period to ensure you and your guests maximize and enjoy your photo booth experience.

Red Carpet?

Let your guests to feel like they are in a Hollywood with our Red Carpet. But if really - it makes Photo Booth look unforgivable for you and your guests, and they always will see it!


What should I expect the day of the event?

We will arrive 90 minutes prior to your event to set-up the Photo Booth. We will ask for a contact name and directions on where to set-up ahead of time so that you don't have to be accessible for set-up, as long as we have a phone number for someone who can let us into the building and directions on where to set-up. The Photo Booth attendant will be with the Photo Booth throughout the night to assist guests and to hand out our card with information on how to download the photos.

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